Startup Sales Induction Program (beta)

This content will help the most non-sales founder to develop the sales skills necessary to give their startup its best chance of success.

Nothing happens until somebody sells something.


Part One: Understanding Sales


Most founders have a negative perception on selling. They look for the first opportunity to hire a sales person (bad choice).

Many of us misunderstand what sales really is.

This section is to help you better understand what sales really is:

  1. Reality Check

  2. Misconceptions

  3. What is Sales?

  4. Barriers to Entry

  5. Being Accepted by Customers

  6. Customer Journey

  7. Daily Practice

  8. On Influencing


Part Two: Communication and Influencing Skills


Communication and Influencing skills are essential for sales success!

This Section helps you to better understand what is required to be good at these topics.

This section will cover the following areas:

  • Why Communication and Influencing skills are so important

  • Building your Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding Communication and the Proposal Structure

  • 6 Principles of Influence

  • Pre-Suasion skills

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additional resources -Test your emotional agility!

Harvard Business Review: Evaluate Your Emotional Agility

I believe that in measuring your Emotional Agility is a good way to help you increase your overall Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Treat the questions in this assessment on how you feel about selling - particularly outbound prospecting, pitching and closing deals.

“All healthy human beings have an inner stream of thoughts and feelings that includes criticism, doubt, and fear. Ignoring or trying to suppress these inner experiences is counterproductive. So is buying into and obsessing over them. Instead, we need to approach them in a more mindful, values-driven way, with something we call emotional agility. The first step is to learn more about your own patterns. This assessment will help”.

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Interview with Robert Cialdini - Author of books on Influence and Pre-Suasion

Robert Cialdini (author of Influence and Pre-Suasion books) was interviewed by James Altucher.

Cialdini is a master at explaining what external factors affect our decision making, as well as tactics to improve our own personal influence. The content presented is based on years of evidence-based research from universities around the world.

Click here to access interview: Seven Techniques to Influence Anyone of Anything.

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Building Blocks.jpg

Part Three: Developing your Sales Collateral.


Developing the right sales collateral will make it much easier to build your startup’s sales engine.

This section helps you to build the following collateral:

  • Understanding Features, Benefits and Value

  • Your Elevator (30 sec) pitch

  • Your network (90 sec) pitch

  • Phone script

  • Email introductions / scheduling first meetings

  • First meeting agenda

  • Slide Presentation


Part Four: The Sales Process and Overcoming Obstacles.

Most customers follow a basic pattern when purchasing products. The better you understand how your customers buy from you, the more successful you will be. Obstacles are expected in any sales process, they provide you with an opportunity to provide “human value” to the sales process.

This section will help you better understand the sales process and how to apply it to your startup’s products. It will also help you to treat sales obstacles as opportunities to build a stronger relationship with your customers!



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Part Five: Getting in the Right Mindset for Sales

Chess Grandmaster.jpg

Part Five: Getting into the right mindset for sales


The most successful people in sales, have a good understanding of how to keep themselves in a strong, positive emotional state when selling.

This section will help you understand and develop a healthy attitude to manage the joys, excitement and frustrations experienced in sales.



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Famouse Handshake.jpg

Part six: sales closing tactics


No matter how hard you work, if your customer does not purchase your business will fail.

Closing Tactics covers the following:

  • Understanding your customer’s psychology and buying behavior

  • Urgency

  • Closing tactics and examples

  • Additional resources for closing

  • How to fail successfully



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