Being in the customer’s eye

Early in my career it got on my manager’s nerves that I spent too much time in the office. He expected me to be out all the time, meeting with customers etc.

Now I had good, regular meetings but he wanted me to double or triple that. 

I disagreed. I felt I was being more than productive with the level of weekly meetings and the office time was spent on proposals and calling customers.

In hindsight my manager was right and I was wrong. 

Getting seen by your customer, even in passing helps you to stay top of mind. You don’t want to be booking meetings with with no real agendas, but you can use your time to connect with other stakeholders in the organisation.  


In the words of Robert Cialdini’s book, Pre-Suasion, what becomes focal becomes causal.

Or put simply... the more your customers see you the more they are likely to buy from you.