4 Strategies For Becoming a Master Persuader

I am currently reading, Robert Greene’s latest book, The Laws of Human Nature. He’s a fascinating author and I bought this book on the back of his others (48 Laws of Power & Mastery).

Robert Greene recently released this article on Medium, taken from his latest book, “4 Strategies for becoming a Master Persuader”

“Most people do not want to expend the effort that goes into thinking about others and figuring out a strategic entry past their defenses. They are lazy. They want to simply be themselves, speak honestly, or do nothing, and justify this to themselves as stemming from some great moral choice”.

The key points are:

  1. Transform yourself into a deeper listener

  2. Infect people with the proper mood

  3. Allay their insecurities

  4. Use people’s resistance and stubbornness

If you are interested in these points, then check out the article. If you like the article then check out the book!

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