Playing the long game

B2B sales can only succeed when you take a long term view of things. In many instances you will be lucky to break even in the first 6 months when taking into account all the pre-sales efforts required. 

When disagreements between vendor and customer arise, you always need to play a ‘straight bat’ and consider what’s fair for both your company and your customer’ interests. Bending over over to give too many concessions is not right, neither is being too dogmatic in your views. Finding the best win-win solution won’t work every time. But it is the only long-term play that’s possible. 

Disagreements can be hard for most sales people because we work so hard to build relationships, that taking action that risks these relationships feels unnatural. If this is the case with you, try to bring a cofounder that can help facilitate. The team approach usually works better than going solo...