Symphonic Harmony

Not long ago I was involved in a group presentation to a potential customer.

It is an inspiration to be part of a team of individuals with different skills and roles giving a harmonious presentation!

Everyone does their part to contribute a consistent message.  

Here are some suggestions to help your group presentations work really well: 

  • Write the proposal in collaboration with your customer. They will help you to nail the right message.  
  • Make sure that the engineering and business divisions of your startup sign off on your proposal.  
  • Conduct a practice run prior to the presentation.
  • Map out who your audience is and anticipate possible questions and objections. 
  • Immediately after the presentation conduct an internal debrief. Confirm all assignments and next steps. 
  • Make sure that you send the necessary information and follow up email within 24 hours at the latest! 

If you work in harmony with group presentations your chances of successful sales will increase.  

When you do have success, make sure that everyone involved is recognised for their contribution!