Dial up your confidence!

Everyone has a weakness or two. 

This may sound ironic to some who know me, but on occasions I struggle with self confidence!

We can all turn weaknesses into strengths. 

Many people who use artificial means to mask their insecurities, such as anger which is really just fear underneath.

This is what I do to boost my confidence:

  • Understand in a rational way what is causing my lack of confidence. What can I do to addresss those concerns? Keep the mind boyant. In an unemotional way unpick the mental images that is attacking me.  
  • Then follow the advice from Daniel Pink (To Sell is Human), ask the same question that Bob the Builder asks, β€œCan we fix it?” Have I completed all my preparation for this task? Does this mean that I am ready? If the answers are yes, then reflect on this preparation to help build a new personal narrative. 

If you find confidence or similar issues to be a challenge, be like Bob the Builder and fix It!