“A fool with a tool is still a fool”(Grady Booch)

CRM and Marketing tools.

No matter how smart your sales and marketing tools are, they are just tools. 

All the big vendors will make you think selling will now be easy, the tools will do all the work. Do not fall for it! 

You cannot afford to be a passenger in the sales process. It wastes precious amounts of time and money.

Before you spend money and time on these tools, first work out what your business process is. Once you have the process mapped you can go shop for a tool that can enhance your selling.

I see this problem with startup founders all the time. They fall for the glitzy image of a great enterprise product. It is like putting a tiny cart in front of a racing horse! The tiny cart whose wheels barely turn is your sales process. A race horse dragging your cart will pull it to pieces! 

Do not scale a generic sales process for your business. Make sure it works on a small scale before launching it.   

Once you are confident you are going in the right direction, by all means use the tools to accelerate!

Good luck! 😀