Even great prospects will never get back to you

Many startup founders, particularly the technical ones get furious when a perfectly qualified sales opportunity return their calls.

How annoying!

The reality is that most of the selling process is in the follow-up:

  • Did you receive my message about "X"?
  • Can we organise a meeting?
  • Did you have any question about the proposal I sent? 
  • As discussed can you set that appointment with the CEO please?
  • Are you ready to finalise the agreement? 
  • Can we organise the implementation meeting next Tuesday? 

It is your responsibility to breathe energy into the sales process!

You need to make all the calls, suggest the next steps and help them through these steps. Generally your prospects will not “get around” to doing what they said they will do. You will need to coach them through every step. When they tell you they will call you back, they generally don’t!

Try to apply this thinking when you are running sales for your start-up. It should save some frustration and help you be more successful.