Early stage startups don't need a “fancy” CRM

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I get really frustrated when startups buy the coolest CRM and spending the next 5 hours tweaking it’s functionality until it’s PERFECT.

Don’t waste your money - and especially TIME.

Too many startups do not realise how short the startup life-cycle really is.

Time is not on your side.

Use every spare moment calling potential customers, setting up meetings, learning how to increase your sales success.

Instead of a CRM, just get started with a simple spreadsheet (Microsoft or Google Drive). With some basic tables, you can easily manage up to 50 opportunities on a single page.

(Sure when your sales machine is SOLID, you are bringing in over $50k every month, hiring new sales people - fill your boots and get a great CRM)

If this is not you yet, give yourself 10 mins to setup a spreadsheet you are comfortable with, and then get back on the phone and email and selling!

If you really need to have a CRM, then pick a free one that only takes a few minutes to setup.

Try this example spreadsheet as a starting point. Now it should take you 2 minutes!

"Don't let perfection be the enemy of the good."