Getting personal with your email prospecting

Please try and the following exercise: 

Check your inbox and deleted folders for emails you received that you decided to ignore.  

Why did you do this?  Could it be:

  • The content was not a topic you were interested in
  • The writing style or format was clearly generated by a machine; or
  • You felt no personal connection to the writer or message?

Regardless of how you email prospect, keep in mind your message is going to a human being who has very powerful conscious and subconscious filters to ignore what’s not important to them.  

Case in point: what was the last Banner Advertisement that you last saw? 

When you email people you have no relationship with, consider the following:

  • Find a style of writing that fits to your  “voice” in the way you write. It conveys they are dealing with a human being. 
  • Express your enthusiasm and warmth because it will create a better connection. I use emojis to assist me with this. 😀
  • Be direct about why you are writing and what you are asking. I limit my first email to 3 lines. It can help you to keep on point and remove unnecessary words. 
  • Check out the Templates section of my website. The Google Sheet has many good examples. 

Marketing and prospecting tools have yet been able to comprehensively pass the Turing Test

Industries will vary but with the right amount of effort you should expect to get at least a 50-80% response rate.