Another way to create new sales leads (Startup Founders)

Most first time startup founders have little sales experience. 

A strategy I have not mentioned previously is increasing sales through aligning with suitable partners. 

Big vendors can use you compliment and enhance their value to their customers. 

You might need to surrender a few percentage points along the way, but you should make up for it by increased sales.

Good partners can have the following characteristics:  

  • They make between $100M and a Billion dollars per year.  
  • Manage long term customer relationships. 
  • Are well connected to big deals in the market.
  • Their insider knowledge is very high.  

Selling through a partner you need to remember:

  • You will now manage at least two customer relationships, the partner and the end customer
  • Be sensitive to the needs and preferences of your partner. Be careful to not do things that causes problems. If they say, don’t contact a particular executive, then don’t do it! I learnt that lesson the hard way a few years back.  
  • Their relationships are long term and built on strong trust. Do not take any action that breaches that trust. Be open to feedback so that you can improve.