7 Most Common Mistakes when building your first sales team

Here is a summary of one of SaaSTR’s most popular articles: 7 Of The Most Common Mistakes Made Building Your First Sales Team

  1. Hiring a sales person that you would not personally buy from.

  2. Hiring your first VP of Sales that has not worked for a small SaaS startups. Avoid ones that have worked for unicorns (Salesforce, Oracle etc) that are used to having lots of backup/support.

  3. Hiring a stretch VP of Sales who has not hired at least 2 quota earning sales reps.

  4. Hiring too many staff from the competition. They have some advantages, but you will probably overlook their weaknesses.

  5. Giving reps too much time to scale.

  6. Not training reps. Its your fault if they don’t have everything they need to sell!

  7. Crazy, complicated accelerators and sales comp plans. Not keeping it simple.