The illusion of choice

Once you have enough sales experience in your startup, you will develop a knack on how to craft the best solution for your customers. 

But if you only give them one choice, the sales process may stall. 

Far wiser to give your customers three choices.

Your preferred solution will be in between a more expensive option and a cheaper option.     

The expensive option gives the customer features they may desire but is unrealistic. Expensive options also “anchors” your middle (preffered) option as more affordable.  

The cheapest price option gives an “ok” solution at a great price but does not entirely meet their needs. It can also save the deal if one of the customer stakeholders influences the decision based on what is cheapest. 

When the customer sees both a higher and lower option they will feel good about taking the middle ground.

Two additional options gives them something to compare their best choice with.

It also reduces their need to go to your competitor. 

And finally giving someone more choices makes them more freedom. We all like that feeling of freedom, even if it’s just an illusion...