What I am reading right now

I am currently reading one of HBR’s “Must Reads” on Emotional Intelligence.

HBR is great at condensing decades of academic research into digestible articles that can be understood by the common man or woman.

This my first research into Emotional Intelligence.

I thought I understood the topic. However it is much bigger than I previously thought. 

Emotional Intelligence is critical for any startup founder to achieve success. Sales success is critical on having Emotional Intelligence. 

Here are some of the gems I have uncovered so far: 

  • Long term business success is dependant on an organisational culture of emotional intelligence.
  • Emotional intelligence is carried through an organisation like electricity.
  • The primary task of a leader is emotional leadership.  
  • The leader needs to manage his or her inner life...this is not very easy! 
  • What you need to know about CEO disease.  
  • Emotional Intelligence is not about putting on a game face every day.
  • Why moods are not discussed in the workplace. 

I challenge you to read more about this topic. Especially if you think you know all about it!