My latest favourite book - High Growth Handbook

This week I have commenced reading High Growth Handbook by Elad Gill. So far so good. 

The book is a guide startups that are about 100 employees to scale into the thousands of employees. 

The author is certainly one of the few in Silicon Valley with this experience.  

According to Chrunchbase, Gill is a serial entrepreneur, operating executive, and investor or advisor to private companies including AirBnB, Pinterest, Square, and Stripe. Previously, Elad was the VP of corporate strategy at Twitter, as well as ran various product teams (Geo, Search). He also spent many years at Google, where he started the mobile team and was involved in all aspects of getting the team up and running. He was involved with 3 acquisitions (including the Android team) and was the original product manager for Google Mobile Maps and other key mobile products.

Prior to Google, Elad had product management and market seeding roles at a number of Silicon Valley companies.

So far Iā€™m enjoying the experienced practical insights and witty perspectives that keeps you turning the pages!