Productivity Secrets of Successful Salespeople (Salesforce)

I am a big fan of research that can help us all get better at selling. has produced this e-book that maps out simple ways for us to be more productive.

I recommend that you download this e-book and subscribe to their other material. It can only help!

For those who only have 30 seconds to understand the key points… here they are:

  1. Start your day off smart: Win the morning by developing a routine that puts your agenda #1 - not others. This will help you take control of your time and effectiveness.

  2. Stay productive on the go: Because sales people are not usually desk bound, you are out travelling and between meetings, makes sure you are setup to run your sales process via mobile phone and other handy tools/apps.

  3. Conquer small but mighty time wasters: 41% of salespeople report that they spend too much time on administrative tasks in an average week. Find ways to cut back and reduce this time so you can focus on your main job of selling.

  4. Use data insights to prioritise next steps: Now this is probably a plug for the big CRM companies like Salesforce, so that you use their tools! But to be fair using data insights should increase your productivity, depending on the industry that you work in.

  5. Automate as much as possible: “Saying that you are too busy to automate is like furiously digging holes with your bare hands and saying you’re too busy to look up and grab a shovel.” Iman Maghroori (Salesforce). If you can find ways to automate your sales contact points, you can claw back some of your lost time.

If you think these points are worth thinking further then you should check out the e-book!