Losing a Customer

Yesterday I took my suit in to get dry cleaned.

The standard dry cleaners where I live charge $30 for three items (one jacket and two trousers).

On this occasion it was more convenient to take the suit to a premium dry cleaner i.e. the type that dry cleans wedding dresses and tuxedos etc.

I like this dry cleaner, and have been okay with paying a 20% premium.

On this occasion I was charged 60% higher than the “standard” price!

I only realised this after I had dropped off my items.

I started to head back to the shop to change my order. But I stopped and realised I did not want to embarrass myself through complaining on price to an organisation known for quality. It would fall on deaf ears.

So I sucked it up and decided never to use that dry cleaner again.

The main reason is that I did not feel that they were approachable to discuss my concerns and come up with a better solution.

As a startup founder it is not natural to want to hear bad feedback on your product. It will make you feel depressed - especially if you can’t fix it.

But your customers need to be heard. The mere access to you to complain about something can do wonders. You will be better tuned into their buying behaviour.