First Meeting: the most important question you need to ask!

You find yourself  in an introductory meeting with a potential customer.

It appears to be going very well!

It is often tempting on these occasions to keep the happy feelings going, and not go into "tactical mode" with very direct questions. 

There is one question however that cannot be left out: “How does your organisation make decisions?” 

This question can be rephrased in many different ways: 

  • If you were to proceed with this [INSERT YOUR PRODUCT] who else would need to be involved? 
  • What is your decision process? 
  • How does [COMPANY] make decisions like this type of thing? 

When you ask this upfront in the first meeting, it might raise a few eyebrows but most will respond positively.  

However not asking the question will lead to frustration and confusion when your contact does not return your calls or emails. There is no way of finding out what is happening (which can be frustrating).  

If you are able to have a discussion about the customer's decision process, you will be free to follow up at future times to verify or receive an update on how their decision process is going. 

An added bonus to this tactic, is that it helps your contact to start thinking practically on how they will buy from you!

Trust me on this!