Switching Hats

As a startup entrepreneur you will have to balance more than one hat or responsibility. For example you need to perform in the following roles:

  • finance hat: managing the cash flow of your startup. 
  • product hat: lead the development of your product’s features 
  • management hat: managing the people that work for the startup, cofounders and all suppliers. 

 Sales Hat

As a startup entrepreneur you should be dedicating at least 1-2 hours each day on outbound sales activities. 

This daily effort will compound the growth of your startup when you complete the following: 

  • setting up meetings with people you know (often via LinkedIn) who might be customers, or can introduce you to their network. 
  • outbound emails and calls people you don’t know to setup meetings with new prospective customers.
  • meetings with potential customers.
  • sending short follow up emails after a meeting to summarise the commitments made.
  • ongoing contact with your network to keep them engaged. This might include inviting to a Meetup, update on a new product features or announcements when new customers that have joined.  

If you commit yourself to these tasks every day you will be building the growth of your new startup.  

Many entrepreneurs I work with are very disciplined in blocking out 8.00am - 10.00am each day for outbound sales activities.

Happy prospecting!