Your Physical/Mental Health and it’s impact on Sales

Many who are new to sales, worry about the impact of rejection on their psyche. 

Its true that to be successful you MUST remain positive, despite having the occasional bad day.  

Underpinning your positive attitude is the need to keep your body and mind in a good healthy state.   

Why is health connected to sales? 

Firstly being an entrepreneur is a job. Your job requires many years of effort to see the fruits of success. You won’t make it in the long run if you ignore your health. 

Everyone has a different approach for maintaining their health. Some go to the extreme with highly competitive sports and training. Others will timebox activities with families and friends to keep the balance.  

The second reason is that we all want to buy from people we like and can trust. You and I can sense when someone’s life is out of balance by the way they speak and the tone of their voice.   

Sales is about being in a state of happiness, working with customers and genuinely caring about helping them make progress.  

You cannot fake that.  

As humans we have well developed detectors to sense when someone is trying to “sell” us. Nobody likes to be sold to.

However they are more than willing to work  with partners keen to see their success.   

In short

  • Take care of your mental and physical health.
  • Be happy!
  • Enjoy the thrill of helping customers succeed through your efforts and solutions.