Dealing with sales targets and budget pressure 💵

Sales is hard because at the end of the day you are measured by the dollars you bring into the organisation.

If you work for a company then your boss assigns your sales target and applies pressure.

If you are a startup founder then your success relies on setting and meeting revenue expectations. 

Throughout my career I have felt the pressure of achieving budget.  

The only way to deal with this pressure is to focus on the activities that bring about sales - not the budget itself.  

For example if your personal sales target this year is $2M, try to answer the following questions: 

  1. how many sale  transactions are needed to reach $2M? 
  2. what is my average win rate? This determines the number of proposals you need to submit.
  3. how many meetings are needed to reach the number of proposals? 
  4. how many outbound phone calls and emails will I need to make in order to meet organise the meetings? 
  5. how will I source the prospects and leads?

If you focus on these five activities you will not have time to stress about meeting your sales targets!