Your Circadian Rhythm

I would like to expand on my earlier post of “eating your frog” by starting sales early in the day before other tasks. 

By doing the hard part of the day first, your mind is sharper than later when you have been buffeted by your startup challenges.  

You can also schedule other sales activities during the day to help grow your business.

 The following is what works for my daily schedule:

 Early Morning

  • Complete at least 1-2 hour of outbound emails and phone calls. 

Mid Morning 

  • Coffee meetings with prospects and customers.


  • Catch up on work or have lunch with a friend or colleague. You have to eat anyway and you can use that time to do some good. 

Mid Afternoon 

  • Ideal time for another coffee meeting with customers and prospects.  

Late Afternoon

  • Make the “easier” follow up phone calls and setting up meetings. Do not aim for complicated activities that will result in poor work. 
  • Reflection of current sales status, revenue prediction and planning for the next day.  

By understanding your own energy and concentration cycles, you will plan and execute more efficiently.