How to request a meeting with email with 3 simple sentences

  1. First sentence needs to highlight a connection between you and the prospect. Otherwise they will filter you out.


  • This sentence is most important. You will get filtered out if you cannot display some connection with a new prospect.
  • Ideally is using a 3rd party introduction. Depending on the strength of that relationship, will help you get their attention.
  • A weaker example that you may need to use, is that you went to the same School/University, common LinkedIn contacts or demonstrate your knowledge of their organisation.

2. Second sentence needs to state what you want to do - such has have a meeting.


  • You need a specific agenda on what to discuss.
  • This is not a social chit-chat.
  • The prospect will respond positively when the topic is highly relevant to their areas of concern or interest.


3. Third sentence needs to propose a specific time to meet.


  • Give a specific time between 10-15 days into the future when calendars are usually open.
  • This also signals you are not a desperate salesperson but one who plans well into the future.
  • Coffee meetings are often good because it gives the person a break and provides a neutral meeting place.