Smelling blood in the water

Can sharks smell blood from a mile away?

Not quite.

According to research, sharks can detect blood in the size of a swimming pool- which is fairly close. 

When sharks are hungry and can smell blood, can you guess how they will react?  

What has this got to do with selling? 

When you work in sales you need to operate at two different speeds:

  1. During the early phase of a customer's purchase, you need to be helpful and available, but never too much in their face. Nothing annoys a customer more than a sales person bothering them when they are not ready to make a purchase decision.
  2. The tempo can suddenly change when a customer signals a decision is imminent. When this happens you need to start playing a lot more attention and energy to that one customer. Just like a shark you need to be focused and ready to move!

Be aware that your behaviour needs to match the intensity and level of your customer and their decision process. If you misapply your approach the customer will get frustrated and annoyed. 

If you don’t understand where your customer is at in their decision process, then you need to ask them!