Customer buying signals

According to this reference, “Buying signals are behavioral cues that indicate the intentions of prospective or existing customers in terms of their readiness to buy. They can help make the sales process more efficient and higher-yielding”.

However with B2B sales it is never that simple, because there is usually more than one person who influences the purchase decision.

Even if you meet with an authoritative CEO, it’s likely they will seek feedback from their direct reports before proceeding.  

The buying signal that has helped me is when the customer interrupts you with a question on price while you are in the middle of discussing the benefits. It is an immediate cue that their brain is trying to calculate whether the benefits will outweigh the cost.  

However when the decision will involve multiple parties, the following situations might indicate a positive buying signal: 

  • There is a clear understanding of the decision process for the organisation.  
  • Your main contact is coaching you on how to direct your pitch. 
  • You have evidence to suggest the organisation is taking your proposal seriously and it’s progressing forward.  

Buying signals should not be considered a crystal ball, as unforeseen things can always happen.

However as you learn to pay attention to your customers’ buying signals, it will help you understand when to switch from “selling” to “closing”.