Keeping your mind Fresh

Selling is an emotionally draining activity.

Working continuously without a proper break will limit your sales success. 

There is nothing worse than working in a mental haze!  

The opposite is also true. There is nothing so effective as selling when your mind is sharp and rested! 

One of the habits of Stephen R. Covey’s seminal book, Seven Habits of Highly is to Sharpen the Saw  illustrates this point well.   

Take time out. Especially when you are under pressure you need to find ways to  rest, recharge and relearn .

  • Rest: Get plenty of sleep. Make sure you unplug during the weekend. Turn off mobile devices one hour before bed. Trust me you will be far more effective when your mind has been given a rest!
  •  Recharge : Get the optimum level of exercise for your age and health. Increase your exercise when you are under stress. Eat healthy. I personally like to cycle, run or study Krav Maga. 
  • Relearn: Keep your mind fresh by learning new things. Develop a passion to study a subject (outside of your current role) that you find interesting. I have found listening to historical podcasts and audio books to be fascinating! They give me a break from the repetitiveness that occurs in sales.

Trust me on this one! Your brain will love you for it!