Make it easy for your prospects to say "No"

Shawshank Redemption.jpg

I have actively been working in B2B sales since 1998.

In all that time, the most frustrating memory was following up on those few prospects for a LONG TIME. I was living the hope that one day they would say "Yes". 

But my hope was not based in reality.

Maybe they were just stringing me along?

It was more likely I did not give them an easy opening to say "No". 

Nowdays when I feel things are slipping, I try the following approaches and watch their reaction: 

  1. Withdraw the offer (bold but risky)
  2. Your proposal will expire within a short time period
  3. Tell the customer that you or your product may not be right for them. Wait for them to interrupt to say you are wrong. If they don't interrupt then you are right!

When you keep it real, you will be free to sell more successfully. I would rather have 5 real opportunities than over 100 maybes!