Understanding our binary mindset of Rejection and Acceptance

Many startup founders struggle with sales because of rejection. 

This manifests in frustrations in not getting meetings, or ultimately rejection of proposals.  

Most of us seem to have the following binary views: 

Acceptance = They like me

Rejection = They dislike me

Lets try to put this into context because as humans we rarely act in a binary manner.  

I was surprised to recently find one former customer not respond to my requests to meet. This was despite the fact we had a very good working relationship in the past and I knew from other sources that she saw me in a positive light.  

I can’t help feeling down when I am not successful in progressing opportunities. But perhaps we can try to see acceptance and rejection differently.

Rejection could also mean:

  • they are too busy
  • they feel they would be wasting our time
  • they can’t meet because of a third party restriction 

If we see rejection from a less binary perspective it will help us to keep persisting, cover a wider audience and ultimately make more sales!