Three Simple Steps to get a meeting with a prospective customer

A customer cannot purchase from you unless they know you first. The first meeting with a senior executive allows you to build a relationship which might lead to future sales.

Step One: Call out what you have in common 

You must find a way to establish an existing connection with your target customer. The stronger the connection the more likely they will keep reading.  

Step Two: Explain what you do, the value you bring and what you need from them 

 It needs to be a simple way of introducing your startup and how you could help them. You also want to outline your intention to ask for advice or to share something of value with them. 

Step Three: Ask for a meeting at a specific time 

Asking someone if they can meet you at a certain day and time often makes people check their availability before they think about whether they want to meet you in the first place! It is a little hack that will increase your chances of a meeting.

Sending these emails may look simple, but it is not easy. Follow this process and keep your wording simple and uncomplicated.