Top 10 Sales Methodologies - by HubSpot

In a recent article, HubSpot has listed the following top ten sales methodologies:

  1. SPIN Selling
  2. NEAT Selling
  3. Conceptual Selling
  4. SNAP Selling
  5. The Challenger Sale
  6. The Sandler System
  7. CustomerCentric Selling
  9. Solution Selling  
  10. Inbound Selling  

A couple of methodologies were completely new to me.  

Behind each of these methodologies, is a sales training company that makes money from teaching and training it all over the world.  

Some of them rely on claiming to have researched thousands of organisations in order to develop their methodology.

I am suspicious about “independent research” that has not been independently peer reviewed. It is too much of a leap of faith for me to believe.  

On the positive, a sales methodology helps the organisation to have a commmon reference point and a good way to onboard new staff.  

So shop around and find out what methodology suits your startup best! More importantly make sure the sales trainer you hire knows how to translate the theory into applicable knowledge.