Finding your Hook

How do you confirm best strategy on selling your startup product to your customers? 

Just like fishing you need the right hook to land your customer. 

In all my career the best way to sell has been knowing what my customers will respond to best. Knowing that if I say “X” then they will likely respond with a “Y”.  

If they do not respond in the way I expect them either I do not understand them well enough or they are not the right customer.  

Before you know what hook to use, here are some questions you could ask:

  1. Why did you accept my call or meeting request? (This will help you know if they have something pressing to tell you now. Such as they need to purchase immediately or they have an emergency that they need your help with.  
  2.  What are you currently using and are you happy with it?  (Deeper understanding. You could also ask them a NPS (Net Promoter Score) question to drill down deeper.  
  3.  If you were wanting to make a chance, what would cause you to take action?  (Getting deeper into their motivation to change and how likely they will do it).  
  4.  What is your organisation’s decision process?  (By far this is the most important question to ask in a meeting. It helps you and the customer to start thinking about steps needed to turn this into a reality).  

These steps are you need to over time uncover the right approach to sell to your customers.