Our reaction to loss

This week while moving offices I lost my best sunglasses. They were an expensive purchase that I had enjoyed for the last 6 months. 

At the moment of loss the feeling was quite intense! I would have done anything to go back in time and take a little extra care of those glasses. 😎

The next day my wife mentioned that I should sell a bicycle that had received little use since I purchased it. The sale of a second hand bike was equal to the repurchase of a new set of sun glasses.  

But my initial reaction was “meh!”.

I knew I could make this gain and make up for my loss, but I didn’t feel that interested.  

This reaction is common across social science research: we react more strongly to loss than to gain. 

Does the messaging from your startup take into account your customers’ loss if they don’t buy from you? It might be worth exploring that possibility...