Shaping our perceptions

So much of our world is based on our natural and learned filters.

Powerful brands don’t try to sell to us, but seek to influence the way we think. 

An influential brand makes sales easy. 

As a startup founder how can you leverage your personal and business brand to influence the way people think?  

If you think powerful brands affect the way you spend, please tell me which one in the comments below. If you don’t believe brands affect you, please tell me why.  

Here are a few ideas on how to leverage your startup and personal brand: 

  • Categorise your competitors in a way that makes it difficult for them to fight back. If you do it well the more they work against that perception, the more it will reinforce the difference. 
  • As a startup you have no history. You are not tied down to the past. You are free to build the brand that suits you now! 
  • Once you decide on what your brand is, then reinforce it on everything that you do. All your selling. With your cofounders. With your employees. LinkedIn posts. Advertising. YouTube videos.